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Google Shits the Bed!!!

Professor asked 1 year ago
Overnight the google listings and sites rankings have gone crazy. Better check your positions. I hope the current results being shown are a temporary situation.
:crazy: :nervous: :cuss: :suicide:
6 Answers
Simoneaton answered 1 year ago
The strange thing is some of my less visited sites have moved up to 2nd and 3rd place.


mongoose answered 1 year ago
heh, i just came over to say google was puking, but it looks like you’ve noticed.

i’m not going to try to read too much into it. i don’t for a minute think this is a new way of google doing things that i should try to analyze react to accordingly.

there are new sites with a dozen ordinary backlinks showing that have jumped onto the first page of an 19 million site term. same term usually has 2 million contestants. some old sites that haven’t ranked in months back on top. aolMember sites at the top of a 3 million site term. nah, this is not the new path. coupled with the prBar not working earlier this week, my spiderSense says they’re working through something and this is not the final product. just growing pains. granted, i may not like the final product once it comes.

this is a time when i’m happy to have a bunch of sites, so the ones that mysteriously disappeared don’t take all my income with them.

Captain answered 1 year ago
I agree with Mongoose on this one. Google seems to be adjusting/testing the algo. I believe everything will be back to normal by tommorrow.

arkyt answered 1 year ago
This is driving all the webmasters crazy – been to half a dozen webmaster forums and a lot of webmasters are panicking.

Don’t worry yet though – its early and I believe that what ever its doing it has completed doing it yet.

It appears that some of the SERPS are ancient (ones I remember seeing a year ago.)

mongoose answered 1 year ago
alright now. as a webmaster i know what’s going on with google (which is that nothing is making any sense at the moment), but while poking around for some actual information as a user i found out that the number one term for a relatively popular search i made was a stinking dead link.

if the best result out there, according to the engine, is an error page, someone needs to go fix something. that’s not filtering out over-optimised sites, or anything of that nature. it’s just plain bad results.

ok, i feel better.

– mongoose