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How do I get good one-way links

ryrock asked 1 year ago
OK, over the last few months I have done a link exchanges, wrote some articles, bought links, and have done a press releases. All this to get inbound links. I am wondering which one of these methods I should be paying more attention to and possibly some other good tools I am missing. IMO, I think writing articles about online gambling, ect to get links is the best, but I have heard mixed reviews about it. I have heard that is doesn’t hold much weight anymore. I have bought a ton of links, but am wondering if it is really worth it. What have some of you done that seems to work the best as far as increasing your inbound links?

Thanks for your comments
7 Answers
GaryTheScubaGuy answered 1 year ago
Build links and do some social bookmarking.

Go for back links fromTLD’s (top level domains like .co,, .nl., .de) that are in your target region. Companies like teliad have them especially if you are targeting Germany or France. Yes they are paid links.

Do social bookmarking as this will also benefit you short term. I use sayseodesign but there are plenty out there.

Linkworth is good for buying cheap back links as well.

Be sure to check that the page rank is correct as google just had an update and more-than-not many websites were hit with big PR reductions.

Don’t build more links to an internal page than you do your front page.

Is the site optimised for SEO?


ryrock answered 1 year ago
I believe it is well optimized. I have done tons of resaerch on it. However, this is my first site so I am sure I may be missing a few things. Anything right off hand you can see that I may missing?

webdeveloper answered 1 year ago
There are lots of ways to increase your links but you need to concentrate only on links from good PR sites, I think links with PR 0 sites have negligible weight.
For getting links from good pr sites as you said Article writing and submitting them on directories like ezinearticles , It not only gives you an good high weight age link even it also gives you traffic. One of my site got 30% traffic from 10 top Article Directories.
Other good ways are Social bookmarking, directory submission (on High pr Directories), Press release, Forum postings, Create blogs on good blog developing software like wordpress, bloghost etc.
I just told you most of free linking way but as you can buy links then search in forums, Most of the forums have Link Exchange topic through which you can get good deals.

Fortune Palace answered 1 year ago
@webdeveloper 194364 wrote:

Article writing and submitting them on directories like ezinearticles

I’d been told that ezinearticles has stopped accepting Gambling articles. Anyone know differently?

Anonymous answered 1 year ago

Don’t build more links to an internal page than you do your front page.

I don’t question your knowledge but do question the thinking behind that (on Google’s part if that is whom you base your statement) because it would seem to me that if you had something that went viral and people were linking in to it voluntarily and without request … that it would make perfect sense the inner page was getting more links to it than the first page.

Or am I missing something? My thinking being that often what everybody links to … is seldom the front page of that website. In fact most times I follow a link to another website it is to an inner page and not the first page.

I would think that even places like CNN … have more incoming links to a certain article on an inner page than they do to their first page.

Actually now that i think about it … (with few exceptions) any link I have to another site that isn’t there as a link exchange, thank you for a favor(s) or to a sponsor’s site … is to an inner page aiming at some particular article that i used to prove my point.

webber286 answered 1 year ago
The only issue with having more links pointing to an inner page rather than your home page is that your inner page can outrank the home page in Google (and others) for a particular keyword. But who really cares? Isn’t it more important to get people to your site rather than worry about which landing page is best. If you have more people coming in from another page (check your webstats to find out) then just make sure you focus on making that page strong enough for a user to convert.

You really should be thinking about every page on your website as a potential landing page since the unique content on that page will draw in traffic anyway, which is why everyone says content is so important. The more content, the more visibility in the search engines, the more traffic.

webdeveloper answered 1 year ago
Fortune Palace;194402 wrote:
I’d been told that ezinearticles has stopped accepting Gambling articles. Anyone know differently?

Andy i done a little bit search and didn’t find that ezinearticles stoped accepting the poker (gambling) articles, I just got a poker article on “how to make money playing poker” on ezine articles, You can view that here,

And its posted on 9 jan 2009

I think The way of getting traffic and high weight age links option is still open on ezinearticles