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Strange Results from Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool.

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Search Engine Optimization – (SEO)Strange Results from Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool.
Ken asked 3 years ago
I have been using the Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool (see )
to try to come up with good keywords to base a web site on. Its a great tool.

Most of the results seem sensible but a couple of results really make me scratch my head. In particular, the number of searchs done on Overture for the term ‘best clicks’ or ‘best click’ through October 2003 is meant to have been 98,360. On the other hand, the number of searchs done on the term ‘best links’ or ‘best link’ is only meant to have been 185.

Why would people be searching on the term ‘best clicks’ ? Does this term have some special meaning to people in US, Canada or Europe that I (in Australia) don’t know about. ?

Why would so few people have searched for ‘best links’.

Alternatively, is this indicative of a problem with this tool? I notice that the singular and plural of most words are treated as the same word (whereas in other search engines such as Google they are treated as different words). Is there some funny here where Overture has treated ‘best clicks’ as the same as some other term?

Do other people here have much experience with this tool?

Thanks for your help on this

in Melbourne Australia.

1 Answers
Dominique answered 3 years ago
My only guess would be that people were trying to find out what would generate the best clicks as in roi per click?