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Free Hosting Links – what are they worth?

Kevin11 asked 1 year ago
Just interested in knowing what site wide links are worth for a free hosting company that can place footer links on their network of sub-domain sites.

There are approx. 7000 accounts (subdomain sites) available with over 20,000 pages indexed in Yahoo that are available.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

PS – if you are also interested in these types of links, PM me.

3 Answers
EyesCoffee answered 1 year ago
The search engines should see these pages just like any other paid-for website.

Kevin11 answered 1 year ago
What are these links worth in dollars if a person wanted to buy them?

EyesCoffee answered 1 year ago
It’s hard to say witout the website and more info. How often are the pages spidered (this is a more qualitive measure of PR, IMO)? How many pages? How many other links are there?

Basically, everything is worth what people will pay. If someone is selling a car, and the highest price someone will pay is $x, then the car is worth $x. So… how much are you willing to pay?

ALso of people say that getting too many links too quickly can get your a penalty on Google. You might want to check up on that and decide weather you are happy with that risk.