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Google on Page SEO

jagan asked 1 year ago
I have seen that google have declined too much On Page SEO work in these updates!

As per some results studied by me shows that some sites which are ranking on some keywords, that keywords in not the main target keywords!

Let us say that if you try to optimize your web page for “Online Casino”, its less chances that website will come in top results! I have seen that too much keyword density is not good for any keyword, use of related keywords like “Casino Tips, Casino Guide” etc helps in natural SEO of your website. Also try to use keyword variation with addition of “ing” like “Gamble” “Gambler” “Gambling”

1 Answers
Diceman answered 1 year ago
Good look.. I have sorta noticed the same but could the terms as far as gambling related info is concerned those websites are somehow being blocked or rank lower with some kind of backend rule?
For example if there is a site about jokes and a few things are gambling jokes they seem to come up higher for some keywords but a site about gambling will not.
With your idea in mind as far as not doing density for online casinos and changing it to casino tips and so forth. Is that kind of making you just have desity for casino tips and so forth and making what I say above true?
Heck there are sites about gambling ranking as well but like you I see more unrelated sites to gambling rating higher. I am seeing that accross all search engines as well. Those of you still on top…. HOW DO YOU DO IT! lol!

No matter what, I am comming for those positions. No more lazy Mark Owen here…. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />