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what tool is best for finding linking partners?

rob3786 asked 2 years ago
What tools do you use for finding good partners to link to? I usually search the web for great sites I like and then begin the link process with them. I know there are tools on the net to find which sites are good to link to depending on the keywords you are using and the pr you want to link to. Please share with me what you use.
8 Answers
ceegreen answered 2 years ago
Any tip on this matter would be very helpfull also for me.

webber286 answered 2 years ago
There is only one reliable tool for this (trust me). That would be the search engines. Sounds like you are doing it the right way already. Well, maybe a second, you can ask other members here. You will get a better response rate.

aksana answered 2 years ago
When I looked for link exchanges I used Google and one of the popular sites with a high PR ,found backlinks of this site, visited them and contacted the owners of these sites with link exchange request.

I think it’s the best way, don’t know it is good for you or not but it was the best for me.

kwblue answered 2 years ago
SEO Elite works good for this, but it really is just searching the search engines for you.

Professor answered 2 years ago
As has been stated, the best tool for determining which link partners the search engines favor is the Search Engines themselves.

I would stick with what you are already doing as it will be far more effective over the long run then an automated tool.

smurfy answered 2 years ago
try this tool

key in your keyword <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

webber286 answered 2 years ago
That’s actually a pretty nifty tool. Does the work of searching the search engines for you, with some smart phrases.

slotplayer answered 2 years ago
Works good. my niche retail site comes up #1 for my top keyword.