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.Net good for SEO?

Goldfinger asked 1 year ago
I hear that .info is pretty bad for getting indexed. What about .net? As far as I know .net is almost as good as .com . Am I right?
5 Answers
LasVegasLady answered 1 year ago
I’m certainly no expert .. but, judging from my own experience ..

One of my best sites of all time is a .net

I have several .net sites that do better in the search engines than some of my .com sites

Think those two might be pretty even.

I don’t do .info .this .that and .whatever .. only .com and .net

. . .

Randy answered 1 year ago
.info has a reputation for being spammy, and I’ve seen people say that if they were in charge of spam fighting they’d just not index .info sites. But I don’t know if there is an algorithmic penalty for having .info, .net, or .whatever.

.com and .net are so ubiquitous that you don’t have to worry about someone screwing up your URL if they cite it for something.

Goldfinger answered 1 year ago
Cheers, this tempts me even more to secure a .net domain. But I don´t want to get into the habit of buying more names than I can develop :wink-wink

LasVegasLady answered 1 year ago
Goldfinger wrote:
I don´t want to get into the habit of buying more names than I can develop :wink-wink

:sarcasm: OH NO .. who would do something that stupid ? :sarcasm:

webber286 answered 1 year ago
.net, .com, .whatever shouldn’t matter as far as indexing goes. Your site will get indexed no matter what the domain and extension. What you do with the site after that is what gets you de-listed or ranked (as the case may be).

From a branding standpoint, .com is by far the best as everyone automatically types in .com even if you tell them .info or whatever. But, I think that is another discussion.