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Favorite Payment Method

brucefinaldi asked 3 years ago

I am currently building a new affiliate program, in the middle stages of development, and just getting into the payment issues, and I was thinking what would affiliates would really want.
I am curious to which is your favorite payment to receive your affiliate payments?



27 Answers
rakeback-online answered 3 years ago
Hello guys,
between the payment option I think would be good if instead of “Other” you can put a few e-wallet option. I do not know if these have been omitted on purpose for advertising reasons… however if possible I think would be better to have them listed.

RedFox answered 3 years ago
Any reason why Bodog doesn’t have Moneybookers as a payment method? It is generaly a common option… I had to open a neteller account specifically for Bodog…

HenrikG answered 3 years ago
Can say from my point of view, since we only offer wire, neteller and moneybookers it covers all the needs, on the other hand we dont target the US market even though we have affiliates that work from there.

Wire is most commonly used.
The to PLayer aco**** – so they can choose when and how much they want to cash out
and Neteller and moneybookers even.

Good luck with your program


Vrindavan answered 3 years ago
>> I usually go with Bankwire or check!

cheque is slow, but it can cover webmasters from more countries.
And there is no withdrawal fee like ewallet or card.
My bank deposit all my foreign cheques free of charge as well.

To many webmasters, Bankwire and check are the only options for them.

frank rede answered 3 years ago
I prefer Firepay, though it is the alternative to Neteller, you can deposit money from your bank account t Firepay account and from there, you can deposit money at online casino account.

bonusbeast answered 3 years ago
I usually go with Bankwire or check!

hoLkaPoLka27 answered 3 years ago
Neteller is my best, check takes too long

faststeady answered 3 years ago
moneybookers for most , neteller for a few and bank wire where no e-wallet option

Vrindavan answered 3 years ago
I prefer
1. bankwire – no fee
2. cheque(no currency converion) – no fee

Neteller and MB are not options for me

Do you know if any program offer western union or MoneyGram ?
i am not sure if western union or MoneyGram is less costly than bankwire for operators.

byebyebaby answered 3 years ago
Moneybookers !!!