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Which programs are converting better?

PhilPe asked 2 years ago
Hi boys and girls,

How’s everyone today?
I tought in light of this years awards that we should have a pool that talks about which programs are converting better for the community. We now which ones were the best programs in category, best affiliate support, etc, but the big question is:
Which ones are actually generating more revenue for us.

I’ve posted my vote on Rewards affiliates and they’re my best click to real player and in turn bet revenue per player as well.

See you in Flatland ( The Netherlands )


4 Answers
Renee answered 2 years ago
Hey Pedro

Thanks for your vote, however just a heads up – Rewards Affiliates and Casino Rewards are the same company <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Casino Rewards is the player site, while Rewards Affiliates is the affiliate site.

Cheers <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

PhilPe answered 2 years ago
Hey Rene

Thanks or the info. In any case you have two positions there.:wink-wink

The ppl who are voting on other, could you please then post a reply to the tread specifying the “other”?
It defeats the purpose of the poll if we don’t know which programs we’re talking about.:hattip:

Many thanks

slotplayer answered 2 years ago
If virgin ever gets to enter the us market kiss the rest good bye.

Freddy N answered 2 years ago
Reward affiliates imo is the best in your list.