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The ‘Wrong’ Partners ( ‘Casino Partners’)

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysThe ‘Wrong’ Partners ( ‘Casino Partners&#8217
Gal99 asked 2 years ago
Hi All, I don’t know how many of you send players to Casino Partners.
If you like to minimze risk – I truly recommending you to find another affiliate programs – and there are many good and reliable affiliate programs online.

In my experience – their attitude is very problematic with their affiliates. they are not consider them as a real partners / seriously and can take over their player when have the chance..

I hope you take my ‘warning’ to your consideration since they block our account and take our players (400FD) and currently owe us a lot of money.

so watch out from these kind of “partners”!
We’ll meet them in Court very soon and give them some publicity..

Gal. InterPlay Media limited.

3 Answers
actyper answered 2 years ago
Would you stop spamming? How can anybody take you seriously with this constant posting! All you need is 1 maybe 2 threads and say what you have to say. What your posting is useless as well, there’s no details as to why your blacklisting them.

edit: Just read 1 of your other 50 threads and thats better, but still quite the f*cking spamming!

Dominique answered 2 years ago
I agree. You are overstepping the boundaries here. Please concentrate on one good thread and make yourself as clear as possible.

axl answered 2 years ago
You’re losing credibility pal. How about posting some evidence?

And how about some thread deletions or merging of all his spam?