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Duration Of Domain Registration Counts for Google

sipka asked 1 year ago
I have just read in Sitepoint ( newsletter:

A recent patent by Google indicates that the search giant now considers the duration of your domain name registration in calculating your site’s ranking. Google does this because many spam sites have short registrations: a longer registration indicates to the search engine that you’re building a site.

With some registrars now offering free trials of domain names, Web entrepreneurs have been registering and hosting these names to see how many visitors those domains attract without any marketing, and whether a service like Google AdSense can make the site profitable.

Even if the site makes just $1 per week, when you multiply that by 1,000 sites, the benefits are substantial. These mini-sites (often just 1-page with advertising) aren’t what a search engine like Google wants to show customers.

One of the factors that Google may look at when ranking sites, according to a recent patent filing, is the length of a domain registration. Appearently, the longer the name is registered for, the more likely it is to be a “real” site with valuable content. So, consider extending the registration period for your key domains in order to possibly help boost your rankings.