I’m back to bore you with geeky search stuff :)

JasonD asked 8 months ago
Hi everyone.

While I was over in Budapest at the IGB Aff Conference in early October, I sat down with AJ and Warren and we had a great chat. They asked if I wanted to come and chat in here and I said of course.

So… I’m back and here to do what I can to help, in some small way, with your questions and queries about the search engines.

I will also give a little heads up of stuff that I find or hear about from the rumour mill but more than anything else would ask us if we can make this forum rock. That means I need your help.

We are in a mega competitive industry and everyone is pals with everyone else at the conferences, online, on chat etc but when it comes to the SERPs….. OOOOOO we are protective of our own little niche <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

That doesnt mean we can’t speak in a generalised manner or if you’re brave enough and it’s YOUR site, not someone elses a specific way. So I am asking you for your help, to start, continue and welcome a conversation.

For it to work for us all, to make this forum what it can be and deserves to be, needs your help. Join in, ask, question, test, complain….

do all of the above and more but please do post <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

See you on the inside


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Dominique answered 8 months ago
It’s good to see you here.

An interesting thing I have been thinking about is the new search queries section in google webmaster.

Some pages are down like 100% in rank, but up 200% in impressions. And vice versa. (Just taking 100s for ease of view)

Pages that have lost rank get more clicks. It all seems to be quite helter skelter.

I figure it may have to do with the position on the google search page, maybe people never scroll and just click on the first few, or last few of every page? Or? Thoughts?

elgoog answered 8 months ago
Nice to see you back Jason!

@Dom: maybe that’s what is called “Google’s Traffic Shaping” ?

JasonD answered 8 months ago
Hi Dom & Elgoog.

To the orginal question, well I think you’ve both answered it for me, especially with Ted’s response and views at the WMW post.

What I will say is, don’t worry about it. There is stuff in and out of your control. If this is occuring and affecting you, then on balance you should be about stationary. What you should be doing is preparing for the next stages in your online marketing (please not I said Online Marketing and did NOT say SEO) campaigns.

But am I right? I know I have been proven wrong very often. What do you think?

Dominique answered 8 months ago
Yep, and I recently moved a message board that has been part of the main domain for years and gave it it’s own domain.

Reason being that I have a mammoth site and the bots kept getting confused and throwing a lot of errors for the message board. I finally decided to move it but keep it linked from the menu.

The crazy ups and downs and incompatible stats started soon after that. I also filed for reinclusion for the message board btw, and surprisingly it worked and it is getting indexed quickly and at it’s old spots. I was prepared to have issues with throwing up a massive board on a new domain, but it went very well and quickly.

Filing for reinclusion was not really appropriate for the situation, but it seems to have been successful anyways.
Anyway, the removal of the message board may have well caused google to reclassify the site and so I am seeing traffic shaping – makes sense.

I’ll just sit and watch and see what happens.