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Recommendations on where to get mini sites developed ( Gambling + Others )

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Search Engine Optimization – (SEO)Recommendations on where to get mini sites developed ( Gambling + Others )
John D asked 3 years ago

I am not asking for someone to make an offer – I am looking for recommendations on people that can do quick mini sites on a few topics, my main thing is I want someone that knows about SEO and CPO.

I have around 20 domains that I want to make mini sites on so I can focus on my main sites myself until I have them optimized and can start working on the mini sites which I will be doing full sites on in the future.

Too many domains I have renewing that are just kept for their value – They should have something on them.

2 Answers
LivetheDreamAndy answered 3 years ago
I’ve been working with umbraco lately which is a great tool for building small and large sites. If you want to discuss give me a Pm

manuelinbmw answered 3 years ago
The best thing to do is do it yourself so you know it is done right. Use a content management system like wordpress