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Do you promote sportsbooks?

Simoneaton asked 3 years ago
With the world cup just around the corner, will you be promoting sportsbooks on your gambling website?
17 Answers
TheGooner answered 3 years ago
Certainly posting a sportsbook ad is not going to do the trick.
You have to be able to review it and talk the talk.

If you can – then I see no problem in combining – gambling traffic is gamblnig traffic after all.

voovoo answered 3 years ago
I promote them but not on my home page

play4profits answered 3 years ago
I think the stand-alones are better…:satisfied

Karen_M-C answered 3 years ago
Guys, in your experience, what converts better: standalone sportsbooks, or sportsbooks embedded with casino or poker? :tooconfus
What’s easier to promote?

RILEY31 answered 3 years ago
Yes they are very profitable

TheGooner answered 3 years ago
That would be YES

Nandakishore answered 3 years ago
I do promote some on a predominantly casino site. I am thinking of starting a pure sportsbook site because then I think it would be easier to target the potential players of sports betting.

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