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Do you promote sportsbooks?

Simoneaton asked 3 years ago
With the world cup just around the corner, will you be promoting sportsbooks on your gambling website?
17 Answers
bleuze answered 3 years ago
That’s what my site is all about!

Simoneaton answered 3 years ago
Two sweet domain names Brian and I will check them out…

I envy and I am sure that is a money maker.

I notice with you mainly targets the european market and with in mind it is worth noticing that people search for premiership league, league bets, FA Cup bet etc… The US market converts well for football bets. It is a great idea to diversify.

Brian take a moment to check out as this is a new company I am working on that accept US and European traffic.

Good luck and stay in touch,

islandmaan answered 3 years ago
Hey Simon check out my site at and give me some suggestions. Also and lets see what we can do.

Brian answered 3 years ago
I mean, many sportsbooks have very good casinos, pokerrooms. When your site is a gambling site, why not? all in 1, who knows, what the visitors want to do, if poker casino or bet?

spades13 answered 3 years ago
I’ve had a lot of luck with bet 365. They’re well known in the UK and have poker and casino to boot as most of them do anymore. You have to invoice them, but they’re well worth the trouble. The VIP/Nine is second for me, even though I promote them both along side each other. I don’t really have a sports site though.

rob3786 answered 3 years ago
1-2 but not really focusing on them

codename answered 3 years ago
yes, still promoting them sportsbooks and sports betting especially to North American market despite the UIGEA. We’ll cash in this coming NFL and college football season and then retire. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />)

Mario answered 3 years ago

Guys, in your experience, what converts better: standalone sportsbooks, or sportsbooks embedded with casino or poker?
What’s easier to promote

Promoting a big One Stop Shop liek has many advantages.
you can promote the services as a StandAlone site (ie just proimote sports)
and get credit for ALL the player’s action.

Note that players that WIN in the sports book, tend to lose it again in the casino or poker room!

As to what actually CONVERTS better…
In general the all services do, since a bettor can access more services from just ONE place.

riviera answered 3 years ago
tried, not much for me

answered 3 years ago
I’ve been considering this but can’t find a decent raw XML feed from any of them – the closest is but they don’t do raw feeds and ToteSport aren’t doing one until later this year.

But when I find one…count me in <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />