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What’s the largest whale you ever had?

totalodds asked 3 years ago
I read a story a few years back that a Norwegian online casino player lost approximately 8 million Euros online.

What’s the biggest player you have ever landed?

7 Answers
hoLkaPoLka27 answered 3 years ago
I met a person in Norway a few months ago who had lost about $1 million… I think my biggest and fastest player was a US roulette gambler who during one night lost $8.000

totalodds answered 3 years ago
Centrebet will have a lot more money for marketing after winning a court case against a Norwegian gambler who lost a total of $15m wagering on Centrebet and Bet365 several years ago. Bjarte Baasland, the son of a Norwegian bishop, made headlines in 2009 when he decided to sue the online gambling companies for negligence, accusing them of offering him aggressive bonuses in order to keep him playing and insisting that it should have been obvious that he had a gambling problem. Baasland further argued that the companies had no right to accept his action when his homeland didn’t allow such shenanigans.

Bet365 was eventually dropped from the docket, but since Centrebet offered players the option of wagering in Norwegian currency and on Norwegian sporting events, Norway’s Supreme Court attempted to claim jurisdiction on the case. Problem was, Baasland had done much of his gambling from hotel rooms while travelling abroad, muddying the jurisdictional waters. Not helping Baasland’s case was the revelation that much of his betting money had been borrowed from members of his own family, and Baasland had told his relatives he’d lost the money in misguided investments in internet startup firms in the Czech Republic. (Remember, kids… It’s not really a lie if you yourself believe it.)

Centrebet is licensed in Australia and that state’s Supreme Court Justice Graham Hiley has now ruled that Baasland has no right to claim damages, since Centrebet hadn’t violated the terms of its NT license and couldn’t have known that Baasland’s bankroll wasn’t rightly his own. Hiley therefore released Centrebet from any obligation to obey any Norwegian court’s judgment and also ordered Baasland to pay Centrebet’s court costs.

muffincrumbs answered 3 years ago
The biggest whale I ever had was more of just a shark. It was with Winpalace or Casino Titan and they went about 15K out and never came back. I have yet to land the big one but I check everyday hoping it happens. It is the most exciting part about this industry after all! We could land only one real money player and it could mean more income than all the others combined. Come on highrollers where are you? I know your somewhere out there and I have a nice hefty welcome bonus for you.

vd752 answered 3 years ago
Close to 500k in a month at Winpalace.

totalodds answered 3 years ago
@vd753 I would definitely call that a whale!

Did he stick around after the month or disappear?

LandofOz answered 3 years ago
Once, I had a player lose close to $300K in 3 months.

online18casino answered 3 years ago
I had a nice player in firebrand play almost every night for about two months, depositing anywhere between $400 and $2000 a night.. I made some really great earnings off him until I guess he ran out of money..

Had me checking my stats almost hourly for weeks! He would play everynight between 12 and 3 am.. It was a rollercoaster watching my earnings go up and down in a huge way!