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Best WordPress Plugins?

pjotter asked 1 year ago
I am addicted to WordPress as I can see quite a few other affiliates are…

It’s been a while since I last installed a new site, but back then I found a couple of must-have plugins:

Akismet – against spam comments
All in One SEO Pack – SEO possibilities
GD Star Rating – rating of posts and pages
Google XML Sitemaps – sitemap management
Redirection – link management etc.
Pretty Link – link management etc.

I haven’t really found new must-have plugins. Do you use other plugins than the above mentioned?

14 Answers
fonzi answered 1 year ago
There are some great news stories posted here on CAP about WordPress plugins.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Affiliates

And a followup on the forum

Rak answered 1 year ago
Web Ninja GA – to install Google Analytics
SEO Ultimate – Does fantastic SEO work for your blog
Google XML Sitemaps – all sites should have xml sitemaps!
Link Juice Keeper – worked hard for those links, dont let them go to waste!
WP-Table-Reloaded – makes sexy looking tables, with all sorts of cool features
Contact Form 7 – every site needs one?

fonzi answered 1 year ago
I also like statpress, super heatmaps and the global translator plugins.

Rak answered 1 year ago
@fonzi 235809 wrote:

I also like statpress, super heatmaps and the global translator plugins.

OMG super heatmaps… this is just pure genius.


Fonzi.. if we ever meet, I owe you beers for this mention. Going to have a play with it tonight and see how it tracks.

Any cons to it?

fonzi answered 1 year ago
I’m sure we’ll meet eventually.

I’ve had 2 issues with it.
It won’t work on some themes although I really didn’t bend over backwards trying to fix it.

I’ve also noticed that on my poker news site whose homepage is updated 2-3 times daily it will stop working after about 3 weeks. I just reset it and start over. It’s no biggie as 3 weeks is enough time for me to get a sense of what people are clicking because the site gets tons of traffic.

JillO answered 1 year ago
Just mentioned this in another post… but I want to give a shout out the a pretty awesome WP Theme (I know, different than plugins)

Flytonic Gambling Themes for WordPress

Rak answered 1 year ago
I might do a bit more digging and see what else is out there for heat maps. One of the problems with my current theme is that I have a featured article section which rotates through.. and its not a definite URL to the content eg x

Not sure if it will heatmap that.

Will report back if I find anything better.

pjotter answered 1 year ago
Thanks for ideas. Did check for articles, before asking – just wanted the latest update <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

super heatmap looks exciting. I like the Flytonic themes too!

I find it a bit strange that there are no specific casino aff plugins…

JillO answered 1 year ago
One more… Yoast! It’s killer for SEO, and… it’s Free!


rmeeuwsen answered 1 year ago
I used to ‘load up’ on these plugins just like a ‘preachers wife at an all you can eat pancake breakfast’.
But then they started to clog up my sites.

So I pared it down considerably.
But I still make room for basic needs like wp-db-backup and wp-super-cache

I also prefer wp-spamfree vs akismet because you don’t need to register