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Flytonics WordPress Gambling Themes Made for Affiliates By Affiliates

Experienced affiliate marketers know that when it comes to web design, there’s no point in re-inventing the wheel. After all, what’s the point in struggling with line after line of mind numbing code when you can save time by buying pre-packaged themes that can be customized to fit your exact needs? That’s what makes Flytonic gambling themes for WordPress such a valuable tool for gambling affiliates.

Designed By Affiliates for Affiliates

Flytonic gambling themes stem from the mind of Flytonic’s CEO and Theme Developer Thomas Calkins, who developed his ideas while running his own poker affiliate sites. We asked him recently what makes his products a good fit for affiliates.

“These themes are specially designed and programmed for gambling affiliates with custom features that are not found in regular premium themes,” he said, “We work with poker, casino and sportsbook affiliates to help create themes that are easy to use and contain unique features to to help increase affiliate conversions.”

Learn more about Flytonic gambling themes here.

Affiliate-Specific Features

Some of the features Calkins has designed to make Flytonics affiliate-specific include:

    • A featured site display that can be used to highlight specific sites or promotions, as well as random casino links.
    • In post featured table that allows web masters to display random casino information anywhere on the page.
    • Top Site and Bonus Displays for highlighting random casinos from your list or specific, featured casinos and content. These can be easily managed and implemented through the WordPress admin area.
    • Gambling specific themes that include niche markets like MMA betting and bingo.


Ease of Use & Flexibility

Because Calkins has been in the affiliate world for long time, he knows that affiliates need products that offer up maximum flexibility and the ability to quickly make small changes that don’t impact every file on the site. This ability to make big and small changes on the fly is a big time saver for site operators whose technical skills could be labeled beginner or intermediate.

“You can create affiliate website for different gambling niches in just a few minutes. The affiliate site you are promoting can be easily updated site wide.” he said, “For example, if the affiliate URL changes for a casino, you can change it site wide with just a click. No need to go into the files themselves.”

Learn more about Flytonic gambling themes here!

Child & Custom Themes

Flytonics use of what Calkins calls, child themes, help affiliates tweak site content and design for very specific promotions and niche markets. Child themes can be implemented once on WordPress and used across a number of different sites, no matter what theme they’re using.

Affiliates, who aren’t finding exactly what they’re looking for in the pre-packaged themes, can create custom themes to suit their needs. It takes a slightly more advanced knowledge of WordPress programming, but retains many of the advanced features that make Flytonics products uniquely suited for affiliates.


For affiliates that need a little extra help with designing custom themes or just have general questions, Flytonics offers a very robust set of support features. While staff support is available, Calkins says that most of his customers are able to use his collection of support videos to answer their questions.

Future Enhancements

Calkins told us that customer feedback generates most of the ideas for enhancement to his product suite. “We are are always looking for way to improve our products,” he said, “Most of our ideas come from the affiliates and webmasters using our themes. WordPress is really easy to use and the sky is the limit in terms of what special features we will be adding in the future.”

Check out Flytonic gambling themes here.

Final Call

Flytonics themes for WordPress offer affiliates a whole host of very unique and extremely useful features that are hard to match. There’s a relatively small group of developers with as intimate a knowledge of this market as Calkins has and that’s evident in every aspect of Flytonic product design and support.

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