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Need a Site Re-Designed?

freydaddy asked 1 year ago
If anyone needs a site redsigned please PM me or MSN IM me, my MSN IM user name is

I also build sites from scratch for affiliates that dont have the designing skills or the time to do it.

4 Answers
jment answered 1 year ago
Pls read your PM. Thanks.

PGU answered 1 year ago
dont lost your money man he will damage it and will build or redesign it proper way and u will not ba able to add any new thing and if u ask he will tell you that is how he make money and if u want you have to pay more ‘

PGU answered 1 year ago
fast do it <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

alexross answered 1 year ago
lol.. what’s the story?