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Content is King

JillO asked 2 years ago
Bottom line, in order to build and maintain a successful website, a key element is valuable & original content.

And that is not an easy feat. If you just keep pumping out dry content, you have to make sure your content has that wow factor.

Content has been a huge topic this year, especially with all of Google’s Panda updates. And there’s constant questions from our community about the do’s and don’ts of site content. So, I just wanted to share a recent article we launched that includes some great techniques improve your content: Tools to Make Your Online Content Stand Out

There’s some pretty helpful items that you should keep on your radar. However, just wanted to know if anyone would be willing to share some inside tips on how they have been successful in producing juicy content? Or has anyone had some content nightmares that we can learn from?

1 Answers
Rak answered 2 years ago
We can safely say the days of building a site jam packed with banners and expecting it to rank without content are the days of yesterday.

I try to go with 500-800 words, with pictures, videos and even try to reference items in the article.

I try to keep my paragraphs short and succinct, try and keep to something a little newsworthy, and use correct terminology for my niche.