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am I still in the sandbox ?

Holis asked 1 year ago
I have a total of 7 pages on google atm. What can I do to get more added ?

open to suggestions and noob bashing <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

the site in question :

history : THe site was created off of, I added the main site about 3 months ago to try and add more content.

I just started changing all the pages over to redirects to cover the aff id, dunno if that is good or not.

Thanks for your time,


3 Answers
Engineer answered 1 year ago
I can actually see more than 7 pages in the index… it looks like there are 81 pages overall. Here. I’m not sure if all of those pages are yours; if you own the entire domain and all the subdomains, I guess everything would belong to you.

In time, Google will find and index all of your pages. To speed up the process, or to get the spider to come around more often, obtain more inbound links — both to the home page, and to “deep” pages within the site.

I recently started using redirects on my site as well. I do this mainly so I can count the number of clicks on each link, not so much to cover the affiliate tags. Although if the search engines penalize pages for having visible aff tags, it might be good to hide the tags in some way. If you do use redirects, I recommend using a “301 permanent redirect.”

Holis answered 1 year ago
I thought 301 had some negative seo concerns ?!

with the help of simmo (thanks again sir), Im using cgi !

Engineer answered 1 year ago
As far as I know, 301 is fine. 302 is the one to avoid. Here are a few articles to support the idea that 301 redirects are safe:

I don’t know anything about the cgi method. I wonder how it’s different from 301?