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Google question?

remco asked 1 year ago
I finally got two of my sites listed in Google, but it seems Google doesn’t take any keywords from my metatags.

How can i add keywords to my pages without ruining the design of my site?

any advise would be greatly appreciated.

2 Answers
Professor answered 1 year ago
Hello Remco
Thanks for the question. The best way to ensure Google associates your page(s) with a specific keyword or phrase is via the following:

Title – This is very important include Trageted Keyword in Page Title

URL – If at all possible ensure the keyword or phrase is a part of your domain url

Page Text – Include the keyword within you page text several times (not consecutively) with your page.

Link Exchange – Exchange links with pages and sites that are ranked at Google for the keyword or term you are targeting.

These steps should definately help.

remco answered 1 year ago
I think i got it right now.
Googlebot came around just 10 minutes before i uploaded my new pages, but he’ll be back soon enough.