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Yahoo penalty?

Engineer asked 3 years ago
Rather than hijack the Yahoo Update thread with my own issues, I’ll start a new thread….

In the other thread, cyclone wrote:

cyclone wrote:
Dont get your hopes up, this site has a penalty in yahoo. You can easily tell when a site has a penalty in yahoo, just search for the domain name and click on more pages, it will look like it has your homepage indexed twice.

I’m not sure why my site would be penalized. I suppose because it’s an affiliate site? But what about all the other affiliate sites that aren’t punished by Yahoo?

I’m at a loss here; I’m not sure what I could be doing wrong. Google lists all of my pages (a little over 100); MSN lists around half of them, and Yahoo lists only the home page. Backlinks — Google shows 46, MSN shows 250, and Yahoo shows 567 backlinks. Oddly, the number of backlinks is inversely proportional to the number of pages listed in the index.

For the past 6 months, I thought Yahoo wasn’t indexing the rest of my site because it was still relatively new. Apparently that may have been wishful thinking on my part. The entire site is regularly spidered by Yahoo, which I suppose gives some credibility to the idea that the rest of the site is being deliberately left out of the index.

Can someone please take a look at my site and tell me what the problem might be? If it is in fact being punished, how can I fix this? I’m all ears. :allears:

3 Answers
answered 3 years ago
Hi Dave

I’m no expert here but I believe Yahoo, like Google, keeps their algos fairly close to their chest for obvious reasons. WMW has an excellent Yahoo specific forum (among others) which is worth looking through as this update is under discussion there.

My initial thought was that maybe you were linking to the casinos with aff_tags but you’re not, you redrect thru your own script. I’m pretty sure they don’t penalise sites for being casino/gambling related as i have one or two high SERPS in niche terms.



Engineer answered 3 years ago
Thanks Simmo, I’ll head over to WW and check things out.

I used to use aff tags on my site, but about a month ago I started redirecting the links so that I could track how many people were clicking each link. I suppose it’s possible Yahoo may have “flagged” the site before I made the changes.

However, on my other site (, I do link directly to casinos and poker rooms with the aff tags in plain view (no redirects). And that site is not being punished at all. LOL!

If there is a Yahoo “duplicate content penalty” out there, then Onlinepokercraze would be the one to get punished (not Choice Gambling), because I have a Texas Holdem tutorial on OPC which can be found on several other sites. (It’s a syndicated tutorial, and I have permission from the author to use it).

Meanwhile, on Choice Gambling, very little content there can be found verbatim anywhere else. I do use some words and phrases from pre-written casino reviews (provided by the affiliate programs), but I edit and rephrase everything quite a bit, and I add other details to the page to make it even more unique (e.g. payment options, security info, etc). Each casino review is “unique” as far as the search engines are concerned.

Anyway, I’m off to webmaster world; thanks for the tip. From first glance, it looks like a ton of people are having the same problem I am. Interesting.

Engineer answered 3 years ago
….then you, too, are enjoying the so-called Yahoo penalty.

In case you weren’t aware….