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allinanchor serp predictor

owldeath2 asked 1 year ago
I’m considering buying a site off someone. It is a good domain name and the site is good quality with many many backlinks, but it ranks 450ish for the keywords it targets. With allinanchor it gets first page rankings. How accurate is allinanchor as a predictor of how the site will rank when it is no longer sandboxed? It has been in 8 months so far….
30 Answers
owldeath2 answered 1 year ago
Well, it ranks first for its own name, various for less popular keywords, and I just checked again – doesn’t rank at all for the main keyphrase on google, though #2 on msn.

elgoog answered 1 year ago
i think so yes..

but not every new site suffers from the sandbox

google loves playing roulette

JohnV answered 1 year ago
When does the time period start? When the domain is first indexed?

elgoog answered 1 year ago
you will pop out the sandbox suddenly
does not take an indefinite amount of time
supa-max is 2 years

(just my 2 cents realy)

owldeath2 answered 1 year ago
Apparently there’s the sandbox and gradually emerging from the sandbox and climbing to your ‘right’ position, does that take an indefinite amount of time? Not there’s such a thing as someone’s rightful position in google but you know what I mean.

elgoog answered 1 year ago
my 2 cents:

the sandbox will almost never apply as long as 2 years

other reasons can influence the ranking though

owldeath2 answered 1 year ago
Does the nature of the industry mean that it may never be possible to work for these very very popular keyphrases again with a relatively new site?

owldeath2 answered 1 year ago
Cheers webber,

It is one of those, a lot of work has already been done, many many backlinks and optimisation. I’m not sure there’s much more I can do if I buy the site except keeping on with getting more links. I guess I’d be competing with teams of seo’ers as well vs just me on my own….

How many years would we be talking if it’s already been 8 months?

webber286 answered 1 year ago
If it is one of the big ones like “online casino” or “online poker” or “online gambling”, you will have a ton of work and years of time to wait before you see results from those. Target longer tail terms and you will do much better in the early going, and if you do it right like “keyword online casino keyword” you will rank for the longest term early on and with enough time and effort begin to show up for “online casino”.

owldeath2 answered 1 year ago
Thanks for the advice webber <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Well all I can say really is that it is a very very very competetive keyword and it is not ranking AT ALL for it so could be years before we see it?