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7 search expensive

islandmaan asked 1 year ago
Does anybody besides me feel the PPC rates to be excessive at 7 search. They are way higher then other gaming PPC, do you think they have that much better quality to pay these excessive rates?


6 Answers
Anonymous answered 1 year ago

well I’ve noticed they don’t get a ton of traffic, even when you bid high enough to be shown in all their partner sites; which IMHO puts more of a lean on the higher profile keywords, which are IMHO always going to be saturated with fraud regardless of where you are buying them.

So now that I”ve danced all the way around your question, I’ll say good bye.

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Just kiddin’. I really haven’t watched this place as close as I should have, but I don’t think you’d be happy with paying the price to hold down #1 or #2 for casino.

Sure I think its high, but what are you gonna do?

webber286 answered 1 year ago
only have a small amount of experience, but doing ppc with 7search and searchfeed now…searchfeed is cheaper, but i’ve had trouble with a lot of fraudulent traffic and some suspicious traffic, the type that doesn’t even let your home page download…searchfeed has been good at refunding me when i point out the problems, but it seems to be up to me to follow the clicks closely…7search on the other hand pulls fewer people at the same ppc rates, but they are all real people…i’ve even seen days where my traffic will spike, only to be reversed a couple days later…likely due to 7search catching duplicate clickers or fraudulent clicks…so i guess i would have to say 7search comes at a higher price, but you get what you pay for…

casinotime answered 1 year ago
I tried them about 3 weeks ago. I was then told NO gambling sites. Well they said they accept but you have to be the owner. As I understood they meant an official site. Not affiliate to a casino.

Am I suppose to say I am when I am not? They probably wouldnt know anyway.

webber286 answered 1 year ago
Interesting, I talked with one of their sales reps a couple months ago and he boasted about their affiliation with the online gambling industry. If you run your own site as an affiliate, you can certainly list that. I’m doing it right now.

tryme1 answered 1 year ago
The lack of alternative venues for gambling PPC has pushed the prices at 7Search higher and yes, they do still allow online gambling ads.

Personally, I’ve never had a problem with the quality of traffic from them. It’s not as good as AdWords/Overture was, but the campaigns I’ve run there have always pulled a profit.

I do wish they had more traffic though and more high quality partners. Surely the serious sites wanting to display online betting ads at 50% rev share or whatever should be partnering up with 7Search.

Randy answered 1 year ago
I’ve always made a profit using 7search too.