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casinotime asked 1 year ago
Anyone try them? I deposited 25 and had a 50 bonus added. It all vanished before my eyes and it converted to 9 downloads and one sign up. However i dont know if they are related to the ppc or another source.

Doesnt go that fast on google which makes me think if their affiliates are freely clicking the links.

Oh well, i would like feedback on this ppc.


5 Answers
webber286 answered 1 year ago
Haven’t used them, but was considering it. Sounds suspicious that $75 would evaporate in front of your eyes. Were you paying for first position?

One thought, if Findology provides detailed click reports (clicks by time or by IP address), you could compare that with your log files to at least see if the clicks they sent were actually going through your site.

casinotime answered 1 year ago
well, not really firs position. Not on the terms that got clicked on anyway. Terms such as gambling and casino. The cpc was set to max $0.15

No ip info, allthough they offer which affiliate (by number) has sent traffic so you can report unusuall high traffic.

I sent an e-mail. to check them out.

I would advise you to stay away. I will uppdate if they get back to me with some info. I am not spending more there untill I know more.

Anonymous answered 1 year ago

Were you paying for first position?

a good question?

makes all the difference if you ask me. I think that all PPCs have fraudulent clicks/clickers to some extent; and naturally they are going to be after the higher priced and more obvious keywords (to both maximize profit while at same time help hide the fraud amongst the real clicks: so the quantity of clicks received isn’t questioned like it would be to get a bunch of clicks for the keyword “poke me in the eye with a sharp stick, while I’m gambling”:

but keep away from that keyprhase, or I”ll come after you. Its mine, …. all mine.

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Anonymous answered 1 year ago
we must have posted same time.

well there’s your culprit.

anytime you get a mass # of hits from a PPC and you’ve bid a small amount on what otherwise is a higher priced term, you’re probably getting getting screwed.

Its true you will get what you pay for, or else you won’t get much at all.

You’ll never find the combo of mass quantity + excellent quality – at low prices. And anytime that happens you can bet the farm you’re not going to see any profitable (if at all depositing) players.

trust me on that one.

here’s one I’ve noticed has become a standard for a lot of the PPCs selling traffic like you’re talking about; and that is the traffic will convert but only to either very, very small depositing player (maybe two), and a much better looking stats page in the columns of “downloads” and “registered as a free player”.

mostly though, 98.5% of the traffic, will not have stayed on your site long enough to warrant recogizing it as anything that could be called legit.

casinotime answered 1 year ago
Just an uppdate. I was told that they have cancelled their unproductive affiliates…… Anyway No refun though

As bb1webs puts it, I agree.