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enhance interactive (ah-ha)

asked 2 years ago
Hi all,

well I foolishly tried ah-ha again yesterday. I dropped $100 and then went to check where I stood in the keyword ranking, changed like 2 or 3 bids and one URL/description of ad – and I went back to the account’s home page to find I’d went thru the $100.

even stupider, I dropped another $50 thinking that I’d went thru the first $100 so quickly because my bids were high on a couple of keywords which were prominent, like casino. I thought that now that I’d cut those bids way down that my money might actually last the night.

Big mistake.

ah-ha, enhance interactive; whatever you want to call it; its still spelled S-U-C-K-S

Think twice before depositing at this place.


Please let me know if you disagree with my POV. I’d like nothing better than to be wrong and find out this place will convert to some real players but right now – judging on how fast it ate up my money, and that i didn’t get any new real players …..

17 Answers
webber286 answered 2 years ago
Randy wrote:
I experimented with about a dozen pay per click engines last year, and only about four of them amounted to diddly. Enhance was one of the absolute worst. They’re about 1 step up from Xuppa.

Randy, could you share which 4 PPCs you found to be worth more than diddly. I’ve been testing 7search and searchfeed myself.

Captain answered 2 years ago
I have advertised off and on with Overture UK and Espotting. Also did a year long campaign. My experience has been that the advertising costs were greater than the revenue. To get much traffic you have to bid in top 10 for main terms.

Randy answered 2 years ago
I understand from talking to some folks that the UK market is a little tougher, both in conversions and player values.

webber286 answered 2 years ago
interesting that overture accepts gambling PPC in the UK…has anyone here dabbled in that and found it to be successful…it seems that most people are focused on the U.S. market, and rightly so given the industry stats…but wondering if fewer people are marketing to the UK means it is easier to get exposure and attract as many players with less money and effort

sharpgambler answered 2 years ago

actually that’s something I look for, is a small upstart PPC that doesn’t send a lot of hits.

I agree with you, but since the start I got 1 or 2 clicks. When I said 10 years, I really mean 100. I deposited $15 and I have $14.85 in my account.

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

$15 is sufficient for 10 years of clicks I think. You’ll get nothing from them.

actually that’s something I look for, is a small upstart PPC that doesn’t send a lot of hits.

My thinking is that those are the ones with real people, as opposed to the small ppcs that when you sign up they go thru your deposit the first 48 hours and your stats show that the accumulated time the entire mass of hits sent by the ppc is 4 seconds …. :dajudge: now those are the ones I feel (insert SUCK! smilie here)

now having said that, you’re very right. its likely you won’t need to re-fund you’re account for a good stretch.

one last thing: don’t deposit a ton of money to any small ppc. they may not be there tomorrow.

Randy answered 2 years ago
I forgot about eSpotting. That’s correct–they convert very well. And Overture UK, and Overture in some other countries still accept gambling sites.

sharpgambler answered 2 years ago
Well for people that want to target the UK market there is always Overture UK and Espotting. From what I’ve heard Espotting does not have the traffic of Google and Overture but the traffic is very good, and really targeted.

Randy answered 2 years ago
Overture, Google, 7search, and Goclick…

Of course, 3 of them no longer accept gambling sites…

Professor answered 2 years ago
Ah Ha is Ca Ca