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Zaphod Introduces Player2Player Mobile Action

February 2, 2009 (InfoPowa News) — U.K.-listed online gambling mobile technology provider Probability plc launched its new Zaphod mobile platform this week, empowering mobile gamblers to challenge and play each other without the participation of Probability as the house. The company will make a return on the service by charging a small rake comparable with that charged in online poker rooms on each game between players.
The ever-popular Texas Hold'Em is the first game to be made available to players in the new venture, with Probability promoting the game to its almost half a million strong player-base and it mobile gambling network partners.
Probability CEO Charles Cohen says that the company has plans to launch other games suitable for head2head action, such as Connect4 and Battleships, later in the year. He said the launch of Zaphod was the culmination of nine months intensive research and development and exhaustive testing within the company.
"We see the development of this new platform as a strategic investment in the future capability of our business, which could significantly enhance earnings potential in the medium-term," Cohen added. "Not only is this a unique service in the gaming industry but, by aligning it to the brands such as Connect4, it is also has potential mass appeal."