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Wrigley Field Sportsbook Has Everything But the Betting

When the new DraftKings Sportsbook at Wrigley Field opens next week, it’s going to have all the amenities one would would expect; comfy seating to watch games; high-end snacks and entrees; and plenty of opportunities to open new DraftKings accounts. The one thing this sportsbook won’t be offering, however, is actual betting.

According to a report in the Chicago Daily Herald, DraftKings is still waiting for approval of the Wrigley Field sportsbook from the Illinois Gaming Board. Until that approval comes in, fans will be able to enjoy all the amenities for the sportsbook, but will not be able to access the betting windows and kiosks until that approval is granted.

Those amenities include a full-service bar, restaurant, and plenty of giant television screens. The 17,000 square foot facility includes about 2000 square feet of screens, and will be open year round.

The sportsbook at Wrigley Field is entered from a separate entrance and fans will not be able to go back and forth between them without exiting Wrigley Field entirely.

Dropping a branded sportsbook in, or adjacent, to a sports field is a strategy that plenty of US operators are embracing. Stephen Miraglia, DraftKings director of communications explained the strategy in a recent interview with the Chicago Daily Herald saying, “Our strategy is to identify, with flagship locations like this, high foot traffic areas.What better place than Wrigley Field? This would be a year-round destination, a very immersive viewing experience for people that want to come in, enjoy games, have some food. It’s all about reaching that audience. Not only Cubs fans, but the tourists around here.”

FanDuel currently operates a similar year-round sportsbook at the United Center where the Chicago Bulls play.