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Winner Social Affiliates Program: The Details

Winner Affiliates recently launched a new suite of tools called, Winner Social Affiliates Program, designed with increased player conversions in mind.

We recently sat down with Winner Affiliate Manager Alon Lavie to get the scoop on exactly what affiliate partners can expect from this new tool.

What is Affiliates Social Affiliate Program?

Social affiliates is a set of marketing and demographic tools, including banners and other advertising, that can be tailored for each specific campaign. Affiliate partners can use these tools to create very specific campaign parameters based on what kind of traffic they’re getting, and where they’re getting it from.

According to Leon, the system features:

An intuitive and clean back-end interface allows the affiliate to check on his stats in real-time as well as his payments and payment method. Thus the program provides a, ‘one-stop shop’ for affiliates.

This means that affiliate partners can build CPC, CPI, CPL, CPA, revenue share and hybrid deals that flex based traffic and conversion patterns. It’s all built with the idea that, “flexibility is key.” That flexibility also extends to payment methods and other points that are important to affiliate partners.

The whole system is build around advanced analytic features that draw information off a range of social media sites.

Who’s Winners’ Social Affiliate Program For?

A tool set as flexible as Winners’ Social Affiliate Program is, not surprisingly, useful for a whole range of affiliate partners. Leon describes it this way:

The program is open to everyone; Social partners, real-money affiliates, new and inexperienced affiliates. The self-service concept allows unlimited affiliates and zero wait time – everything is done automatically.

Winners sees the program as an investment in their partners success and invested in it despite the fact that advertising costs as whole are going down. (Even though acquisition costs are steadily rising.) It’s all part of the company’s collegial attitude towards their affiliate partners:

Our affiliates are out partners. We treat them as if they were working colleagues and friends. Without them, we have no business and therefore we want to give them a significant part of the cake.

The Winner Social Affiliate Program is just one of the steps the company’s been taking recently to help their affiliate partners get an edge on the market. Late last year they ramped up their mobile offerings for players by adding mobile bonuses for affiliate partners.

Have you used the Winner Social Affiliates Program? Share your experiences in the comments section below.