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William Hill Online Casino Player Wins £114,000

Paul Gwilym, a player at William Hill's online casino, must have thought someone was pulling his leg when he turned 30p into £114,000 on April Fools' Day. The 29-year-old was playing online slots at William Hill when he won the huge jackpot.

Paul only spent 30p on the game and, after ringing customer services to confirm the win, realised it was the best 30p investment he could have made.

‘I only had about 40 minutes sleep in the early hours of Wednesday morning, I was so excited!’ explained Paul. ‘But it just seemed so unbelievable that I’d won, on April Fools Day of all days, so I got out of bed and called up William Hill just to check it wasn’t me being a fool. But it’s all true, and it’s amazing.’

William Hill spokeswoman Jennie Prest said, ‘I thought someone was winding me up with an April Fool when they said our big Pharaoh's Treasure jackpot had been won that morning, so I can imagine how Paul felt when he realised he’d won! We are delighted for him, it’s a huge amount of money to win for such a small stake and we wish him every success.’

Paul owns a business in Cardiff and sees this as a good opportunity to expand his operations.