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Online Poker Site Adds New Games

PKR currently offers a unique version of online poker, whereby players can customise and control 3D avatars at the tables to give an entirely new sense of realism to the online game.

The site has added a ton of new features including the increasingly popular games of Pot-Limit Omaha as well as its split pot variant, Omaha 8. These games are apparently some of the softest on the web.

Marketing Director Simon Prodger said, "Our community is highly valued and as we grow we like to make sure we provide our players with exactly what they need. Many of the features in our updates are in response to popular demand and we are constantly working on improvements for the future."

In addition PKR have added more goodies to their online shop and a roulette game for the hardcore gamblers at the site. A time bank feature also benefits more thinking players, as well as those who put in the volume – the more hands dealt to a user, the more time they have for their decisions.