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The Trouble with One-Size-Fits All SEO Reporting

SEO casino reporting is a bit like the old fable about blind men describing an elephant because everyone is going to see what they’re seeing, without any real knowledge of the big picture.

The problem with this post Penguin SEO strategy is that it can keep vital statistics out of the hands of folks who really need them, while obscuring what you really know (or don’t know) about how things are going.

In a recent  blog posting on titled, The End of One-Size-Fits-All SEO Reporting, SEO expert Nathan Safran challenged the common approach to SEO reporting and provided some tips for moving past it. Here are a few of his thoughts that are useful to anyone who cares about SEO.

Getting the SEO Info You Need

One of Safran’s biggest beefs with standard reporting tools is that:

This reporting challenge is often further compounded by the fact that, most times, they don’t yet know what they don’t yet know.

His suggestion for getting at this elusive information is to dig down and find out exactly what kind of SEO data every single person in the organization is really looking for. (This even applies to mom and pop operations.) For example, most CEOs aren’t going to need the same detail heavy reporting tools that marketing staffers require.

For casino affiliates, this might mean making changes as simple as sending SEO reports to freelance content writers. This helps them better understand their role in your bigger picture SEO plan. At the same time, you don’t want to bog them down with more details than they really need. (You’re the one who has to wade through that mess!)

What’s the Value of Evolving?

While tailoring SEO reports to provide specific information to specific people sounds like a lot of work, it’s work that’s well worth your time.

Safran, and threads in various SEO discussion forums, point out correctly that throwing the same data set at everyone in the company is hardly a good use of scarce economic and technical resources. When everyone has the tools and data they need to better advance your business, traffic and conversions will naturally follow along.