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What Makes for a Good Online Sportsbook Review?

Sportsbook Review

As legal online and mobile sports betting continues to roll out across the US, more and more consumers in regulated states are looking to affiliates to help them find reputable betting brands.

Affiliates play a vital role in this regard. They are a place where sports fans and bettors can find licensed operators to bet with, and also compare what each site has to offer.

But what makes for a good online sportsbook review? And what is the key information that consumers are seeking when deciding where to sign up and play?

Let’s take a closer look…

At a Glance and In-depth:

A good sportsbook review is broken down into two clear sections – at a glance and in-depth.

The former is key information displayed in a way that is quick and easy to read so that the consumer can get a clear idea of what the sportsbook has to offer in a matter of seconds.

At a glance information should include the sportsbook name and logo, the welcome bonus, promo code, and T&Cs, accepted payment methods, and the overall rating it has been given.

A call to action is also important here as some players will read the at a glance information and, assuming they like what they see, want to go straight to the sportsbook.

The in-depth section covers all aspects of an online sportsbook – bonuses, payments, transaction times, loyalty scheme, customer support, mobile, sports, and markets, etc – in great detail.

This should be broken down into clear sections.

The in-depth review is for players that want to gain a complete understanding of what the sportsbook experience will be like before they sign up, deposit, and play with their own money.

State the Facts or Share Your Opinion:

There are two ways to approach writing an online sportsbook review – simply state the facts or use your experience of online sports betting to give an opinion on the experienced offered.

There are pros and cons to each approach.

Stating the facts allows the player to decide whether the sportsbook is for them or not. On the flip side, some players look to affiliates to highlight the brands that are below, and above, par.

The approach taken will ultimately depend on your target audience and whether you believe they are seeking your opinion or just want to know the hard facts.

Of course, you can always allow players to rate and review sportsbooks based on the experience they receive to provide community feedback.

This helps you avoid any issues with potentially giving the sportsbooks that offer better commercial agreements a positive review in order to push more players to that brand while still providing opinion-led feedback.

A Few Final Pointers:

It is worth remembering that a growing number of bettors are accessing affiliate sites from their mobile devices, so it is important to ensure that sportsbook reviews are designed and written for this channel.

Think about the volume of text you write and the amount of scrolling visitors will have to do if they are to read all of the information presented – graphics and icons can be helpful in this regard.

Ultimately, bettors are visiting your site to learn more about the licensed sportsbooks available to them in their state. As an affiliate, it is your job to provide them with clear, accurate information about each.