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Virginia Police in Internet Gambling Raids

February 12, 2009 (InfoPowa News) — Armed with search warrants, Collinsville, Virginia police raided five locations this week, seizing 66 computers, nearly $3,000, and office equipment in the area in an anti-online gambling swoop, reports the Martinsville Bulletin newspaper.
According to a spokesman at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, search warrants were executed on four Internet Cafe locations in the county and one in the city Monday.
Sheriff Lane Perry said that patrons at the businesses could swipe a card for any dollar amount, but he did not know whether a credit card or some other type of card was involved.
The dollar amount was converted into "tokens," which allegedly were used as wagers to place bets on a number of games. Winnings allegedly were redeemed in cash.
The Sheriff's spokesman revealed that the police has been observing the locations raided for several months, and claimed that Internet gambling games are legal in some states, but not Virginia.