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Using Big Data Without Running Into Big Headaches

Every year casino affiliates are able to access an increasingly complicated river of
information that’s become known as, Big Data.

While this river of data can make targeting micro-niches and demographic slivers a
lot easier than it was a few years ago, sometime it seems like you need an engineering degree just to open the analytics tools.
This double edged sword was the subject of a recent posting over at Marketing Profs
by Elisa Fink titled, Big Data Shouldn’t Cause Big Headaches. Fink’s general thought is that utilizing big data doesn’t have to be as complicated as it’s become.
Here are a few of her tips for navigating the big river of big data without losing
your mind.
You Don’t Need to Be an Egghead
“Everyday business users should be able to access a good data-visualization tool  to
start innovating while also dispensing with more familiar hurdles, like
spending tedious hours building Excel charts,” she said.
On a practical level, that means sticking with the tools that are appropriate for
your skill level. There’s simply no point in fiddling with big data programs
that look like a NASA control room.
While her suggestion that these tools should be fun might be pushing things, they
definitely should have you pulling your hair out.
Fink, and anyone else who has played around with data analysis tools, knows that
these programs can get a little complicated.
Get a Gut
Check Assist

betting affiliates will be the first group to tell you that gut instincts are
great, but they don’t always pay the bills. That’s why Fink suggests using big data
analysis as part of a gut check checklist.
As the Moneyball-era Oakland A’s proved, big data can both reinforce your gut feelings and lay waste to conventional wisdom. The key is knowing when to rely on the numbers and when to just walk away.
Visualize Insights
Any good big data analysis tool should make visually representing your insights as
easy as possible.
Even if you’re a one-man band, being able to sit back and look at clear
visualization of what the data is telling is a major plus.
So be certain that your big data tools allow for easy-t0-read, but technically
robust, data representation instruments you’ll actually use.
The phrases, “keep it simple, stupid,” and, “big data,” don’t exactly sound like a match made in Heaven, but that’s exactly what you should be keeping in mind.
At the end of the day, your big data should be landing big revenue, no causing big headaches.