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US Gambling Operators Launch Responsible Online Gaming Association

Seven of the largest regulated online gambling operators in the United States are joining forced to form an new, independent trade group called the Responsible Online Gaming Association (ROGA). The ROGA will be tasked with writing up an industry-wide best practices document that’s aimed at keeping problem gambling check in check and providing customers with the best online gambling experience available.

Led by Dr. Jennifer Shatley, an experienced gaming executive, the ROGA will be mainly tasked with educating the US public about the perils of problem gambling and the joys of responsible gambling. The group’s organization comes at a time when regulated gambling is exploding in the US and common industry practices like bonus bets are coming under social and regulatory scrutiny.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s likely because UK gambling operators already have a similar organization called the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC). The BGC not only advocates for responsible gambling, it also advocates for the industry with UK lawmakers, a lead the ROGA will almost certainly follow.

The ROGA should have no problem getting started on its efforts as it moves into life with a $20 million starter fund provided by big name bookmakers like BetMGM, bet365, DraftKings, Fanatics Betting and Gaming, FanDuel, Hard Rock Digital and PENN Entertainment.

Dr. Shatley described the ROGA’s mission in a recent press release saying, “Many of America’s largest legal mobile gaming operators will be establishing a framework that helps to aid in responsible gaming education and awareness. Together, our members will work alongside researchers, experts, regulators and stakeholders to promote responsible online gaming and maximize our efforts to support additional responsible gaming education and awareness. By coming together with a clear set of objectives, ROGA and our members will work to enhance consumer protections and help provide easier and more efficient access to responsible gaming tools for consumers to enjoy the entertainment of online gaming.”