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Tweeting Your Own Horn: Tips on What Twitter Followers Dig In Posts

Let’s face it: the good ole’ days when MySpace and Hi5 were social media sites for 13 year olds who just discovered the internet are gone and today everyone, and their moms (literally), are out on the interwebs. This isn’t necessarily bad, especially not for YOU, super affiliate, because, despite the fact that your mom is the only one who liked your  past 10 FB status (ok, AND your aunt),  it means that your audience has a few regular places for you to put your top online marketing skills at use and profit from it.

Twitter is completely different from FB, primarily because you only have 140 characters to share your thoughts, and because people are surfing through millions of “tweets” that are 1. not exclusively from their friends, and 2. almost exclusively related to their interests. These two facts are worth focusing on because they mean that your voice on Twitter is more powerful than on other social media sites that you are investing precious time into, and also your mother is less likely to publically embarass you there. So let’s look at 4 tips on how you can better persuade your Twitter audience:

1. Twitter users like facts: Since you have limited space, and Tweeters have a lot of information to get through, research has found that the most successful posts on Twitter are those that limit their content to factual statements. We suggest that to write a factual tweet you ask yourself these questions: What do I offer? Where and how you can get it? Why is my offer good? The first two questions are mandatory, and the third one can add personality to your tweets. The important part is that you tell the user what to get, where to go, and how to get it.

2. Be persistent… in making software be persistent for you: Online marketing is crucial to our business, yet we understand that many affiliates are trying to run a one-man-show and that time is precious and social media can consume it. The good news is that there is software out there that will “tweet”for you. You can specify the content, the time frame between posts, how many posts per day/week, and many other features. Put 2 hours of work on your tweets let the software take it from there.

3. Don’t be shy: A big shortcoming for many people in the online marketing business is that they are afraid of “overwhelming” people with posts and information, and that is utterly detrimental. Do you know why? Because those pages on your newsfeed that never seem to stop posting gather large audiences and SELL. If your product is good, then by all means advertise it as hard as you can because it is quality that makes a difference.

4. Don’t forget your #HASHTAGS: This is how followers will find you, they give you exposure, and promote your business in an endless timeframe because, unlike many things, hashtags are forever.

If you still cannot get anyone to favorite your tweets, let us know and we may or may not make you a “Mom, This is How Twitter Works” infographic. For all other questions or comments, go ahead and use the space below!

And as to how we found out about your mom and your FB status updates...