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August's Top 10 Gambling Quotes

Legalize it, don't criticize it.

The men and women of the gambling industry can always be counted on tell it like it is and this month was no exception. Here are the top ten gambling quotes from the month of August.
1. The introduction of the POC tax is likely to cause a seismic shift in the competitive landscape of the U.K. online gaming market. All of these gambling companies are trying to diversify their earnings streams, to help them mitigate the POC tax when it comes in. But the number of markets they deem realistic to invest in is limited. That’s why they are going to other countries. – Industry analyst David Jennings neatly summing up the new tax scheme for UK bookmakers with offshore operations.
2. We regret to inform you that William Hill has taken a decision to withdraw all of its online betting and gaming services for all residents of China for the foreseeable future. – William Hill reps informing affiliates that China is now off limits for them.
3. The price was outstanding. It gives us a huge boost for the privatisations to follow. – Yanins Emiris, Greece’s Privthe (privatization) chief on the sale of OPAP to a private investment firm.
4. I should have picked drugs or I should have picked up beating up my wife or girlfriend because if you do those three, you get a second chance. – Disgraced baseball legend Pete Rose’s advice to athletes on picking vices besides sports betting. (From USA Today)
5. We are providing the platform for Caesars but we are providing the one-stop shop that 888 is renowned for across Europe. – 888 CEO Brian Mattingly on why his company’s foray into New Jersey online gambling, despite representing Caesars in that same market.
6. Football plays a huge part in both of our businesses and it’s refreshing to work with a partner who shares our brand values so closely. – Paddy Power Media Head, Tom Wyse discussing his company’s new sponsorship deal with the Premier League. (Once again proving that professional sports and regulated sports betting can co-exist.)
7. It was 40 years ago and I won the match and I am 100 percent sure Bobby wanted to win as badly as I did. Those who bet against me lost money but the result is the same today as it was 40 years ago. – Tennis great Billie Jean King responding to allegations made on ESPN’s Outside the Lines that Bobbie Riggs threw their Battle of the Sexes match back in 1973 to help pay off gambling debts of his own.
8. That is the folly of the leagues’ argument — that somehow if you legalize it, take it out of the hands of criminals, that somehow you are destabilizing the leagues. I mean, only the commissions of these leagues and the NCAA can make that argument with a straight face.New Jersey Governor Chris Christie predicting a win in his state’s battle legalize sports betting on The Boomer and Carlton radio show.
9. RIP Bobby “The Wizard” Hoff. He was called the Wizard because he could make giant stacks of black chips dissapear.#atruefriendDoyle Brunson marking the passing of fellow poker legend Robert “Bobby” Hoff at the age of 73.
10. Don’t fall prey to the betting trap. – Professional Footballers Association Chief Gordon Taylor speaking two months before, getting ensnared in a gambling scandal of his own.