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Swedish regulators warning to operators: follow the rules!

Swedish gaming regulators have a message for the online gambling companies working under their jurisdiction – please follow the rules or there will be trouble. The warning came earlier this week as regulators at Spelinspektionen, the Swedish gaming regulatory body that was once known as Lotteriinspektionen, struggles to get international operators to play by their rules.
The unusual warning was issued to all 66 of the gaming companies licensed to do business with Swedish citizens online. While not singling out any particular operators, the warning spoke in broad terms about the importance of not just adhering to the spirit of Swedish gaming laws, but also to the letter of Swedish gaming laws.
A couple items that were mentioned specifically in the warning were the failure of some operators to properly link to Spelinspektionen approved programs that promote responsible gambling and treatment for gambling addicts. Sweden-facing gambling industry scofflaws were also told to make certain that they’re checking their new players against the national self-exclusion list.
Violators, the Spelinspektionen warned, would be severely punished and no gambling operator who did not comply would be spared.
So how serious are the Swedes about actually punishing an international operator? So far they’ve been pretty lenient, as this is the second such warning that’s been issued in the course of the last two weeks. But even Swedish patience only goes so far.

This most recent warning suggests that severe consequences can be expected for the next gambling operator that doesn’t play by Spelinspektionen rules.