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Sustainability: Why It Matters for You as an Affiliate

Sustainability: Why It Matters for You as an Affiliate

Around the world, the topic of sustainability – and discussions about what we can do to help the planet – has become much more prevalent over the past few years. And now, it seems like many governments are beginning to act.

Businesses have been held more accountable for their approach to sustainability, too, with consumers showing greater care for the environment than ever before. Indeed, in some cases, it can be the difference between them engaging with a business, brand, or product or not.

But why is sustainability important to you as an affiliate? More importantly, what can you do to play your part in the drive to be more green?

Do Consumers Really Care About Sustainability?

Simple answer: Yes. Longer answer: see below.

We can look back quite a few years to see that consumers have wanted businesses to take their responsibilities seriously. In 2015, NielsenIQ discovered that 66% of customers would spend more on something sustainable.

Since then, consumers have taken an even stronger stance; Google discovered that 82% of people have allocated more space in their minds to sustainability than was the case prior to the pandemic.

The above statistics are important to have in mind, but they don’t mean much if you don’t take action. As an affiliate recommending online sportsbooks and casinos, you might think your impact on sustainability is limited. But think again – we can all do more, no matter how small our contributions might seem.

Here are three ways affiliates can be more sustainable:

Recycle and Reduce Your Waste

The easiest way to contribute to a more sustainable future is by recycling any materials that you can. Cardboard, paper, and plastic should all go into their respective bins and not into general waste.

As a rule of thumb, you should seek to only use general waste bins for materials that cannot be recycled or turned into compost. Many things, including food, and several forms of batteries, fall into one of these categories.

Another easy way to help protect the environment is by reducing the amount of waste you use. As one example, do you really need to print – or can you get away with storing files online?

Reduce Your Energy Usage

As affiliates, we do much of our business online. As such, recycling and reducing waste usage might not be a huge problem for us. What undoubtedly will be, however, is the amount of energy you use.

We’re often on our computers for several hours a day, and something must keep us warm while we sit in our house or office during the winter. As such, it’s crucial that we think wisely about how we consume energy.

Actionable tips to reduce your energy usage include only plugging your laptop in when the battery is low and turning off all lights when leaving a room.

Measure and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

To contribute to the sustainability cause, in the long run, you need to regularly analyze what you do and tweak accordingly. You’ll first and foremost need to become aware of how big your carbon footprint is, and you’ll find various calculators for this online.

Once you know how much you’re consuming, you can work to reduce your carbon footprint. You can think carefully about the conferences you fly to and the resources you use in the office, plus much more

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, you can also offset it with a wide range of services for doing this available.