Study: Canadian Online Gamblers Bet Big Money

Testament to the economic power of online gambling: According to the Montreal Gazette, about 86,000 adults in Quebec gamble online, averaging an individual spend of $9,903 each.

That’s good news for the Quebec government, which is geting ready to launch (before Christmas) a newly regulated online gaming system. It’s also an indication of what kind of social pressures may face such regulated systems, in Canada and elsewhere, given the surprisingly high amount spent.

The goal of the study, based on a telephone survey of some 11,888 Quebecers taken last year, was to determine what kind of overseas competition the regulated online gaming site would face — and what it would stand to make if it could beat that competition.

A spokesperson stated that the figures may be distorted because “a few online gamblers are very big spenders.” Read the Montreal Gazette article here.