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States Continue to Struggle with Legal Poker Issues

May 12, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — As the state of Minnesota continues to draw attention for its intentions to censor online gambling by ordering Internet service providers to block iGaming websites, a pair of southern states are also in the news for their attempts to regulate gambling.

In Florida, the state Congress has just passed SB788 and SB836, a pair of pro-gambling bills that open up new avenues to land-based gaming. The new laws are designed to expand land-based gaming capabilities under the Seminole tribe. In doing so, the state's rules for poker allowances will be eased, removing maximum buy-ins and bet-per-round restrictions.   

Less lucky are players in Texas, where the state-mandated laws to keep poker under strict guidelines remain securely in place. The governor reportedly has reversed his position on an effort to expand poker in the state; that being the case, the legislator writing the bill is now doubtful whether he will even introduce the bill. As a result, Texas Hold ‘Em remains illegal in the state that bears its name.  

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