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Squamish tribe makes sports betting deal with Washington state

The Squamish Tribe has reached an agreement with the State of Washington that will allow for sports betting at their casino. It’s a deal that includes a restriction on wagering on certain college sports and does not appear to offer a mobile betting option.

Tribal officials reached the deal earlier this week and are expected to be offering regulated sports betting at its facilities by the fall. While the deal allows the Squamish to offer most types of wagers, there is a prohibition on wagering on college sporting events that take place in the state. (This could be a big deal as Washington has a couple of college football teams that are frequently competitive at the national level.)

Wagering will also be limited to the tribe’s facilities, so that seems to mean that mobile betting is not an option at this time. Given the fact that many states are seeing 80-90 percent of regulated sports bets taking place via mobile devices, this will severely impact the tribe’s ability to generate revenue from sports betting.

In a statement reported on by IGB North America, Leonard Forsman, chairman of the Suquamish Tribe lauded the deal saying, “We are pleased with the progress of the compact amendment and the partnership it represents with the Governor, Legislature, Gambling Commission and citizens of Washington. Revenue from sports wagering will help support the Suquamish Tribe’s important governmental services offered to both tribal members and the non-tribal community. This compact means guests at the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort will enjoy additional exciting activities while ensuring that sports wagering revenues remain in Washington.”

The deal must still be approved by the US Department of the Interior.