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Sports betting sites ready for Trump impeachment, resignation

Sports betting markets are reacting to the disgraceful insurrection in Washington D.C. this week with new numbers for wagers on whether the US President will finish out his term. Punters across the planet are closely monitoring markets on whether Trump will resign, be removed from office, or via the 25th Amendment.

According to a recent report on, and the posted markets at sites like, the line on Trump’s future in office have moved dramatically in light in light of the recent coup attempt by his supporters. For example, shares in wagers on whether or not Trump will finish out his term dropped by more than 20 percent after the riot.

Political wagering is a very active segment of the international sports betting market that’s grown by leaps and bounds during the dark days of the Trump administration. The growth in this particular market is fueled in large part by the total chaos gripping the American political scene.

What’s odder still is that no regulated sports betting market in the United States offers political wagering to Americans. Almost all of the action is international. Observers point out that the binary nature of the American political system makes following it a whole lot easier for international gamblers.

The US Presidential election turned betting markets on their ears as Trump devotees poured cash on their candidate even as common sense and market prices point towards a Trump defeat. Unfettered by the long shot odds offered by sportsbooks, who could hardly believe the turn in logic, MAGA maniacs wagered on their candidate no matter how bad the odds were.

With any luck, US political wagering will be incredibly boring once the current occupant of the Oval Office is sent to his next location.