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Spanish operators impose new gambling ad restrictions

Spanish online gambling operators have introduce a new advertising code that’s designed to head off similar, possibly much more draconian, rules from Spanish gaming regulators. It’s a move we’re seeing repeated by operators across the globe as home governments crack on common practices like bonus offers, while demanding new protections for problem gamblers.
The new set of rules were originally crafted by Jdigital, the trade association for licensed Spanish online gambling operators, and are set to be in place and active by the middle of January. Late last week Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), the Spanish gaming regulator, gave its approval to the new advertising code.
At the heart of the new guidelines for operators are some themes that are being played out in gambling advertising rules and regulations across the nation. For starters, the new code restricts the use of celebrity endorsements by limiting them to non-athletes whose followings are, for the most part, adults.
Jdigital also handles the thorny issues of deposit bonuses by limiting the amount of a deposit that can be advertised to just $200. The deposit bonus is an aspect of the gambling industry that’s seen special scrutiny from regulators across the planet in 2019.
One thing you won’t find in the voluntary code, that you will find in similar codes in other countries and enshrined in the law books of others, is a ban on gambling advertising during sporting events. Apparantly Jdigital thought that was a bridge too far when it comes to self-regulation.
Regardless, the group’s decision to enact their own advertising code, and the government’s approval of that code, show that Spanish online gambling operators have definitely bought themselves some breathing room from government regulation.