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Software Developers Ready for UIGEA Reversal

May 15, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — This is more than just the power of positive thinking — it's smart business, the act of staying ahead of the game. That's a good way to describe the actions of software providers who are busy creating new games in anticipation of the opening up of the U.S. online gaming market, which would be achieved by the passage of Barney Frank’s new Internet Gambling Regulation Consumer Protection & Enforcement Act, currently working its way through Congress.

Gaming Industry Media tells the tale of one such company, a California-based developer called Hop-on Inc., that’s busy at work creating mobile casino games for the iPhone, to be released upon the re-legalization of Internet gambling.

"We believe even more iPhone users will use our application for gaming in real time," Peter Michaels, Hop-on's President and CEO, told the news source.

That’s likely to be an understatement. Combine the public’s ever-growing tastes for gambling with the staggering popularity of the iPhone, and you have a built-in market just waiting for these kinds of games.  

Hop-on will be ready to release a mobile gambling application immediately upon the bill’s passage, says Michaels. And it’s not the only one, we can assume.

Mobile gaming companies already exist, of course, such as Spin3 and Jadestone. However, with how big the gambling market has become, and considering how many consumers now have iPhones, there’s definitely room in the industry for more players.

In fact, as we watch Barney Frank’s bill wind its way through the U.S. legal system, we’re in a somewhat unique time in history, where the world’s biggest-spending nation of gamblers are on the verge of becoming a legal market for any software developer, online casino, and, yes, affiliate marketer who can create a quality product for them.

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