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Soccer Star Expected to Increase Online Gambling During Olympics

August 20, 2008 — Winward Gaming Group — Lionel Messi, 21-year-old Argentinean soccer star, is expected to increase the volume of soccer online gambling during this Olympic Games. This is due to the speculation born from the media coverage that was given to the dispute between F.C Barcelona, the team for which Messi plays, and Argentina’s National Team, for his presence during the games.


F.C. Barcelona didn't want his player to attend the games representing his country, and this argument has created huge world media coverage. The Online Gaming Industry has announced that Olympic Soccer is expected to increase the volume of online gambling during the Olympic Games.


This coverage has created an outburst of interest towards Olympic soccer betting. Most gamblers have been following the outcome of this dispute between both teams, and the respective odds regarding the result; creating a rise in the volume of online soccer gambling. The online gambling industry has made of note, the fact that this is the highest rate of soccer betting they have received in the history of online gambling.


The result of the dispute is that Messi can play for his national team if he wishes so, and this has risen the odds for Argentina to win an Olympic medal in soccer; becoming one of the favorites in this sport during the games in Pekin.  This has also made bettors to keep an eye on this country’s odds to win the competition and has created a betting spree on this Olympic sport.

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