Slot Machine Player Forced to Forgo $42 Million on Faulty Machine

A New York woman is not celebrating this weekend after winning $42 million on a slot machine that was only supposed to payout $6,500.
Katrina Bookman was at the Resorts World Casino in New York City in August when she stumbled into every slots players’ dream, a $42 million jackpot off a single pull. Bookman took a celebratory selfie with the magical machine and was already to collect her giant check when casino officials told her to come back the next day.
When Bookman returned, Resorts World management told her that the machine had malfunctioned and that its maximum payout should really only have been $6,500.
That said, they also told her that they wouldn’t be paying any cash on a malfunctioning machine and, in one of the most tone-deaf PR moves ever, handed her a coupon for a steak dinner.
Not surprisingly, Bookman was unimpressed. Unfortunately, she probably doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on in the matter. New York State law is pretty clear about the fact that, “…malfunction voids all pays and plays.” So clear, in fact, that those words are spelled out in the fine print on the machine itself.
To be clear, Bookman has seemingly given up any thought of cashing in on $42 million, but she would be pretty psyched if Resorts World would man up and at least pay out $6,500.
That, according to a report on WSOCTV, would allow the formerly homeless single mother of four to buy her own steak dinner while having a little left over for the kids. Good luck with that, Bookman.