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Simplebet Cashes in Big on College Football

The 2023 college football season saw plenty of winners and losers; both on the field and in the marketplace. Between the hype of upstart teams like the University of Colorado Buffaloes and a surging interest in new sports betting products, there was plenty of hype for everyone. One major beneficiary of college football’s big year was the microbetting provider Simplebet.

Simplebet, according to a recent report on SBC Americas, processed 120 percent more wagers in 2023 than it did in 2022. By coincidence, the company also saw its handle rise 120 percent over the previous year during that same period.

The dynamic of upstart programs and classic contenders was also visible in Simplebet’s ranking of the top teams wagered on during the season. In first place were the Ohio State Buckeyes, who also participated in the year’s most wagered-on game against their rivals the Michigan Wolverines. In second place were the Colorado Buffaloes, led by their gold-plated, media-friendly coach Dion Sanders.

Simplebet CEO Chris Bevilacqua commented on his company’s big year in a press release saying, “We are thrilled with the increases we’ve seen across the board this season with our College Football micro-betting markets,” said. “This is a testament to the hard work of our entire team at Simplebet and the underlying technology, providing markets for 660 games this season, and every upcoming bowl game and playoff game. We continue to showcase our dynamic product offering, and how it can fit to any sportsbook operator’s platform.”

Given the momentum of the US sports betting market, it’s likely that Simplebet, and the rest of the US-facing sports betting business, will be similarly successful in 2024.